Malaysian Contemporary Pianist — Maxy Chan

I’m a huge fan of movie soundtracks. I also like playing New Age, Contemporary Classical pieces.

Photo taken by Miny Chan under a bright sun.

‘ I would describe my touch as genuine.
And the sounds I produce are colourful.

The emotions, and the rests that flow through the music? I think it’s very personal and universal at the same time. ’

Love I Received


A highly sensitive musician, Maxy is able to vividly communicate her passion and joy of performing to the audience. She has an impressive affinity with a whole gamut of vastly different styles, from classical to contemporary music, and her audience will always be treated to a wholly enjoyable and inspiring performance in whatever she plays. Definitely one to watch amongst the younger generation of pianists!

Loo Bang Hean

Pianist and Educator

When Maxy plays, she has a pure connection to the music that inspires not only the audience but her fellow musicians as well. Throughout the musical process, she is sure of what she wants to communicate while being accommodating to her colleagues, making her easy to work with both as a musician and as a person. It's always a pleasure to work with Maxy as she is the personification of artistry mixed with humbleness.

Andrea Sim

Music Director & Resident Conductor of the klpac String Orchestra

About Maxy

Malaysian Pianist Maxy Chan exudes innate joy, sensitivity, and expressive musicality and virtuosity in her performances. Beginning piano lessons at the age of 4 with classical training, she crossed over to contemporary genres at 16 and started sharing her performances on her YouTube channel in 2011. Her favourite genres cover a diverse range of music—from movie soundtracks, modern piano pieces, new age, to contemporary classical.

Maxy Chan became the first Malaysian to win gold awards at the prestigious 2013 and 2014 Asia Piano Competition in Taiwan and South Korea respectively. She had obtained her ATCL (2010), LTCL (2012), and FTCL (2014) diplomas in piano performance from Trinity College, London.